1. All authors/artists must be aged 16 or less on 30 November this year.
  2. All authors/artists must live or go to school in Coventry or Warwickshire.
  3. The poem must deal with peace and/or reconciliation and/or this year’s theme
  4. Schools, home educators, parents and guardians can submit poems and pictures.
  5. Entries must arrive on or before on 30 November this year.
  6. Poems must be sent using the Send Your Poem page.
  7. PIctures are only to illustrate the book and website. They must not contain poems. Submit your picture on the Send Your Picture page.
  8. The parents or guardians of the author(s) must give their permission for the organisers of the Coventry Peace Poem to publish the poem or picture, the name, the age and (where appropriate) the school of the author(s) on this website, in a book and possibly used to create Coventry Peace Song.
  9. Individual children can also submit poems and pictures provided they have the permission of their parent or guardian.

You are advised to look at the judging criteria before submitting your poems.